white girl strikes again

the hardest thing for me while running, is not to break out my wicked awesome white girl dance moves while listening to my music. therefore creating a dance block party of epic proportion that will cause the shut down of at least 3 major freeways and 2 side streets.

i taught him everything he knows.

what i don’t understand, is how francis buxton, of pee wee herman fame,


and uma thurman, of pulp fiction fame, made it on this episode of batman.




off to the races

the studly stod and i are running some races tomorrow.

he is doing his first 1/2 marathon and i am running the full.

here is what i have done to prepare:oodles will be applied to thighs and armpits.

sure i may have run to prepare a bit, but let’s face it, nothing is more important than the above.

ok, maybe having this hidden along the way:with this waiting for me inside rickshaw:but, as i have not been able to find rickshaw service in the provo canyon, i will stick to the petroleum jelly.

wish us luck as i am sure i will be talking to Jesus by mile 24.

i will be able to test my mental awareness at mile 24 with the following …..will He answer?