she speaks!

i was downstairs singing to emma the song ‘hooked on a feeling’ by blue swede when she suddenly says:

“good song.”

i LOVE how she can rock my world and make me a giggling mess with just two little words.

and that, gentle readers, is the power of a non-verbal autistic girl suddenly finding two words.

this is the song that makes all non-verbal people feel suddenly talkative.


of course it is ok to wear a hot pink bra to church

i had emma all dressed for church with a cute skirt, shirt, and soft colored camisole to top off the outfit.

she was dressed and ready to go when i left her room to get myself ready.

“emma, it’s time to go.” i called down the stairs to her bedroom.

she came upstairs in the cute skirt and shoes i had put on her, but had changed the shirt and cami for a hot pink sports bra.

she felt the outfit was complete, i felt that more might be needed to complete the outfit.

i don’t think the mormon church is ready for madonna in their sacrament meeting.


which brings me to her accessory of choice when i called her up from her bedroom to run errands on saturday.


i think i might be raising an exhibitionist.


what you really should take to go swimming




foot odor spray.

empty box.

hair gel.

noise reduction ear phones.

shorts on backwards with giant holes.

floatie at least 5 times too small.

and, of course, sunscreen.

one can never be too careful.

of all the things queen deems necessary for a successful day of swimming,

i feel the foot odor spray is the most prudent.

another developmental milestone reached

queen and bear have, yet again, reached another major milestone.

they have finally realized what sundays are really about:

002 003


that’s right, slothfulness. (that is a word in our home)

can i get an amen?

speaking of milestones, my little bird is extremely hard on herself; we spend many hours trying to tell her not to be.

here is our latest conversation while playing catch.

“bird! you don’t have to be perfect at everything! no one is perfect.”

“oh yeah? Jesus was perfect.”

damn sunday school.

“well, did you ever consider that someone should have just told him “hey, you really need to take it easy, no one is perfect”?


“i am willing to bet that no other mother in utah is having this conversation with their daughter on sunday in utah.”

sorry bird, you aren’t Jesus.



ok, ok, i promise this is the last i’ll talk about it


yes, i already wrote a mushy post about the queen’s dance,

and yes, i am writing another post about her dance, only this time without the mush.

i looked in her backpack this morning and found this:



they set up an area to take pictures at her dance just like a real dance, and they took other pictures of her then gave them to the parents for free.

FREE i tell ya.

don’t they realize that some of those kids get SSI disability checks every month? they totally could have tapped that.

again, springville high school is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet 16!!!

the queen turned 16 yesterday and, of course, we had to throw a party because what sweet 16 birthday does not deserve a party!!????

things we have learned in the 16 years of queendom compliments of our girlie:

1) eating your own poop will not make you sick.

2) there is such a thing as too much water obsession.

3) she is quick like a ninja when trying to sneak something.

4) the only crushes that we have been able to pinpoint so far are on chuck e cheese and woody.

5) no matter the disability, a girl likes to look good as the queen has proved every time she checks her outfits in her mirror before she leaves.

6) she also checks her butt out when wearing a swim suit. (i am telling you ladies, we always like to look good)

7) she makes us laugh!

8) she has an uncanny ability to suddenly burst out with words or sentences then leave us hanging for more.

9) she is the happiest person i have ever met in my life.

10) when she is sad, which is rarely, it breaks our hearts because of the depth of her sadness.

11) when she looks at you, i mean really looks at you with her full attention, it takes your breath away.

12) she hates dogs yet checks out books from the library all about dogs.

13) she is obsessed with green things.

14) she is a social butterfly. if she actually talked, i know we would be getting constant correspondence from school asking her to stop talking.

15) she likes to carry around bottles of tide detergent. why? we still don’t know.

16) we were told she would never come out of her own world to be in ours; turns out, not only did she do that, she also brought us into the beautiful world of emma.

last night we threw her a party, and although no alcoholic beverages were served, we did get a full two-finger shot of the queen…….and it made us giddy.


why my weekend was better than 3.5 of yours

i was getting ready to bake a cake saturday when i got a text from queen’s tutor asking if she could come over for a bit.

of course.

within minutes, the tutor and her non-tutoring roommate were standing on our front porch.


and no cheap throw-batter-in-a pyrex dish-cake.

it had layers.

it had decorations.

it had edible little people.

it had multiple flavors.

for the first time in funfetti’s life, it was upstaged.

we were so excited by an actual cake in our house, that we decided to go show it to queen in her room.

“what do you think!???” i asked her after we had all piled in her room holding aloft the golden ox (or cake) to worship.

“all go away.” was what she said.

here is the power of being a mostly non-verbal 15-year-old, when she insults you and kicks you out of her room…….


“insult us some more!!” i could almost hear us begging.

we left her room, not only in a cake frenzy, but a queen-kicked-us-out-with-words frenzy.

as we were visiting upstairs and my children were pointing out to me the fact that i could never make a cake such as what was brought to us, queen came up and said ‘how are you?’


later that night, as cake magic hang-over was settling, bird came up and said “it has poles mom! poles!!!!” and walked away shaking her head at the miracle of actual baked goods being witnessed, consumed, and marveled in her own home.

i have said it before and i will say it again, you are welcome future spouses of my children, i have made mediocrity look so good that it takes so little to make magic.