this is an untitled post, which is acutally now titled since i deemed it untitled.

last night at 11:15 pm, queen was up and restless and wandering around upstairs.

i was the complete opposite of all the above except wandering around upstairs with her.

“what do you want to do?” i asked her giving her the IPAD.

she immediately said “i want to go to wal mart.”

i admit it, it is still like she is talking to me and after waiting for 14 years to have her tell me something……well, i was in the car immediately heading to wal mart.

and what was so important that we had to make an almost midnight run?

this:i would like to think she had a sudden feeling of guilt over all the sunscreen she has lost, stolen, taken, and squirted all over the past years.

my calculations put it at 1,999 bottles of sunscreen.

but no, she just wanted to smell it.