white girl strikes again

the hardest thing for me while running, is not to break out my wicked awesome white girl dance moves while listening to my music. therefore creating a dance block party of epic proportion that will cause the shut down of at least 3 major freeways and 2 side streets.

i taught him everything he knows.

what i don’t understand, is how francis buxton, of pee wee herman fame,


and uma thurman, of pulp fiction fame, made it on this episode of batman.




my gratitude runneth over-eth

it is the month of all things thankful so i have decided for the next however many days are in november, because i don’t know, i am going to write thankful things on my blog.

this may be a challenge.

today i am grateful that i accomplished a life-long goal last night.

i taught my kids the hand jive dance from grease.i taught them that john travolta is the best……dancer………ever.

and i taught them that cha cha is the oldest high schooler………ever.