children should not be left alone

i failed to mention the effect of the smoke-a-thon leaf session on one of my kids.

i looked over to find chicka with a wal-mart bag over her head pickin’ up walnuts off our tree, well technically off the ground.

“chicka, all experts say plastic bags should not be over your head.”

“why? it is protecting me.”

ah the logic of a child, plastic bag over the head as protection, i am putting in my paper work for mother of the year.

“well, they say it could make you stop breathing.”

“only if i do this.” she said while pulling the bag tighter around her head.

sometimes it is just better to walk away and let nature take its course.

while listening to an ad on the radio i learned that i am on the cusp of two diseases.

why is this ad so believable? they used big words like ‘neurological.’

turns out if i am impulsive, don’t like to drive in the rain, dark, or get ticketd while driving i have the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s……

it has been great remembering you all.

last but not least, i have noticed this add at the bottom of some of my posts suddenly i feel a little guilty as i don’t even recycle my own garbage.


how i know i am still in the thick of it

homework, piano practice, friends over, dropping off/picking up, snacks, dinner, more friends knocking on door, questions, uploading video, shooting video, more questions, baths, video upload did not work, save file, upload again, more baths, laundry, dinner, dinner not eaten, calling players to cancel softball practice because of rain, sun comes out 1 hour later, help child memorize 20 lines from romeo and juliet (just once i wish Shakespeare used 2 syllable word limit) load family for RIO movie, everyone watching movie, child suddenly vomits all over, in movie bathroom trying to clean child up, sensor sink not helping, load child in car to take home, text hubby, he texts back, i text him back, clean up child at home, wait for text to come and get the rest of family………feel long hairs under my chin that need plucking (is that really necessary God? when creating us, could you just not give us any chin hair? is that too much to ask?)

the following paragraph took place in a 5 hour span, there are still 2 hours till bedtime.

i am up a creek (or crick depending on geographical location) and in the middle of motherhood.