Disabled siblings are not always the bomb

living with an active bomb that can explode with or without warning affects a person.

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*actual size of bomb sibling represents.

Keaton, Rosy, and Ella have lived their entire lives with this.

last night, the hubby and i decided to try a date night.

5 minutes after arriving, i get a marco polo from rosy asking if the stain had always been on my comforter, or if she needed to take it to the wash.

the stain? poop.

the culprit? emma.

the answer? no, that is an old stain from the last time emma got into her poop and used my bed as a tissue.

the result? rosy wiped, bathed, and dressed emma. all within 30 minutes of us leaving. (emma is 20)

not exactly the way a 15 year old wants to spend her saturday night.

1 hour into our date, we get a phone call.

“the internet just went down.” rosy said on the other end.

active bomb just went on high alert.

“we are coming now.” i said. we immediately got up, and ran from the restaurant. we were only 10 minutes away.

phone rings again.

“ben hurt keaton, we got him into his room.” rosy called.

“do not let him out until we get there.” i said. “you are doing amazing and have handled this perfectly.”

we have ben’s room set up as a safe room. safe for him and safe for us. it locks from the outside.

when we got home, keaton had already gotten the internet back up and running, ben was still in his room, and Mark and I were taking over.

keaton, rosy, and ella, knowing the routine, got me the gear needed to protect me for deactivating the bomb named ben.

leather jacket, leather gloves, batting helmet, catcher shin guards (ella puts these on me while i get the rest of the stuff on.)

Mark gets ben’s meds together, and we go release the bomb.

emma came running upstairs with shorts, shirt, and flip flops ready to hit the road. unfortunately, it was snowing and the attire was not good for a get-away.

it took all of us to talk her down and get her to stop hitting herself.

1 hour later, the bomb is defused. this is the third time this week we were on defcon 10.

“when this is happening, i just keep thinking ‘there is no way my friends can even understand what happens in our house’. “rosy said.

“i think the same thing.” ella said.

it turns out, 30 minutes after we were gone, keaton had to wipe ben after he pooped. (keats is 22, ben is 19)

the life of a sibling with disabled siblings, is not glamorous.

i know life is not easy for my kids that are not disabled. i know it has made it so they have a hard time connecting to kids at school. it has aged them before they should be aged. it has made them view life differently. they have fun with their group of friends, but they are not the giggly, care-free kids i wish they could be.

i wish they did not see bruises or scratches on me.

i wish they did not have to cry when things are at their worst.

i wish the panic attacks i see happening to rosy when things get bad, did not happen.

i wish i could take every single hurt they experience away.

until then, i think i am absolutely the luckiest mom to have some ridiculously amazing kids.

who, i am certain, could work on any bomb squad unit.


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