a graduation story

keats’ showed up at the house early yesterday.

this is not a bad thing, except it was still a school day.

and school was in session.

“what are you doing home??” i asked.

“it is senior award day and i am not getting anything so i just came home.”

it got me thinking about keats since he graduates from high school next week and realizing just how far he has come.

for school, he did not join clubs or do sports.

he did not go to sporting events.

he went to 2 dances.

he is the kid that most kids would say ‘i did not even know he was in my class.’

he is the quiet kid in the back of the room who has so much going on, but too shy to share.

when keats was 3, he was diagnosed with regressive autism, we were told he would not progress past a 3-year-old level.

keats did not start talking in sentences that we could understand until he was 5.

keats was in a self-contained special-ed class until 5th grade when he started going to partial mainstream classes.

by jr. high, keats was completely mainstreamed into the school system.

it took keats literally hours to memorize spelling tests.

it took keats literally hours to write out his thoughts.

in 7th grade, keats was still 2 years behind in math.

in 7th grade, keats decided to learn the trumpet for band but was too scared to even play in front of the teacher for his test. the teacher patiently waited for 45 minutes after school until keatsĀ got the courage to blow a single note for him.

by 9th grade, he played in front of the entire classroom.

by 9th grade, keats was at grade level getting As in math.

by high school keats was carrying a 3.5 GPA.

school has not ever been easy for keats.

my son did not stand on top of any podium,win any awards, star in any plays, or sing in any choirs…….

but, if there is an award for progress at these senior awards ceremony, he deserves one.

so do the amazing teachers he has had over the years that made such a difference in his life.

i am proud of my dragon lovin’, hopeful sword maker, believer of all thing magical son.

a girl and her dragon