bear’s 911 day

as most bears do, our bear has a very set schedule he likes to adhere to.

1) come home from school.

2) order same snack.

3) peruse youtube for disney magic.




unfortunately for all involved, our lovely city decided to cut our phone line simply because it was in their way while working on an electrical line.

oh no you didn’t.



there was wailing, gnashing of teeth, and at one point i am fairly certain, if he could, bear would have made a phone call for immediate placement in another home that had internet.

this little brouhaha brought us to the library where we had our other adventure of the day.

queen has decided to growl.

“growl?” you say.


it is not a quiet growl.

at the library she was growling.

a kid kept looking at us and saying “what the crap?”


then he said “that is really annoying.”

“almost as annoying as someone saying ‘what the crap’ all the time.” i replied.

surprisingly, he did not say ‘what the crap’ again.

and in the spirit of camaraderie, queen cut back on the growling.


so what did we learn today?

you know that saying ‘does a bear poo in the woods’?

we learned that a bear will poo if the internet is down.

and it hits the fan.