what the queen said yesterday

we heard ‘poopie’

we heard ‘movie’

we heard ‘booby’

of course, these all sounded all the same and were are guessing.

then i heard ‘mommy.’

then i heard ‘mommy’ again.

then she said it again and again.

to the best of my recollection, that is the first time i have heard the queen say mommy.

sure beats poopie and barely edged out booby.



snakes do not have arms

my husband and i had a lively conversation about a quick and painless death.

he feels being strangled by a snake is just that.

i contend that it is not.

he says that it is like a sleeper hold that wrestlers do on each other, quick and easy.

i pointed out that snakes don’t have arms.

i was going to put a picture of a snake in the blog post but i just can’t; just looking at a snake picture makes me queasy so i will use this picture instead and pretend it is a snake.

he asked how i could possibly know that it is painful.

i said it is just something we innately know; being crushed to death hurts.

a lot.

he still did not believe me, so i asked our doctor.

he said it would.

a lot.

still the hubby does not believe me.

i say this website does not lie.


being strangled by a snake is in the top 10 truly awful ways to be killed by an animal.

right below electric eel and above being drowned and dismembered by a crocodile.

we have very deep discussions in our house.

don’t even get me started on what exactly is the definition of a sandwich.

guess what?? i look like glenn close!

the kids and i were watching a movie last night that had glenn close in it.

“i can’t hardly watch it because the similarities are too much.” one child said.

“yeah, it is crazy, but i think you are way stronger and could stop the horse all by yourself.” said another.

“look! even all the animals stay by her just like you!” said another.

this is not the glenn close they were speaking of.

or this glenn close.

or this glenn close.

they thought i looked like this glenn close.

that’s right, the sarah plain and tall glenn close.

i guess i should be lucky they think i am tall; it has always been a secret dream of mine.

the plain part i am still taking in.