the formative years

it has been awhile since i have posted anything.

so long that wordpress seems to have decided to change things on me.

change scares me.

but that is just a tangent and not what really brought me to my real reason for logging onto wordpress to jauntily type away.

i want to talk about our formative years.

i am a mexican food snob.


because during my formative years my mother made the best mexican food around and therefore ruined any other attempt by any other individual to ever even come close to the monumental status i have given her food.

i make mexican food, but i call it 1/4 mexican food since i am 1/4 mexican.

i also think that the reneers are remarkably cool and the unattainable coolness that we exude is just genetically passed down from generation to generation.


because my dad let us know reneers are cool.

and we still are remarkably cool, just in our own homes.

with the a/c on.

i bring these important formations to light because last night i tasted heaven and realized that if i had tasted this little piece of heaven any earlier in my life, all else would have paled in comparison.

fried pickles.

whoever thought that dumping pickles in flour and seasonings and then frying the livin’ dill out of them surely was being guided by some spiritual force.

i love food.

no one who knows me doubts this.

but these took the love to the next level.

serious commitment level.

i am grateful that i did not try them earlier in life or i am fairly certain i would be living in a

cave somewhere ignoring all civilized society so that i may consume the goodness that is

fried pickles with no interruptions.