life lessons learned yesterday and today

we planned a lovely picnic  today up the canyon at our favorite park.

our van had other ideas and refused to start in an act of outright rebellion.

i hate this van, i loathe this van, i would give this van up for adoption without blinking an eye.

in fact, it gives me angry eyes.

in its defense, the van was finally just giving us what we rightfully deserve after years of abuse and use.

unfortunately, bear did not understand why the van was not working and let it be known…..


here is where some life lessons were learned.

1) my son can really hurt me physically.

2) not only did it cause physical pain today, it caused my heart to break.

3) my son and daughter had to step in to help get their brother to stop hurting me.

4) this broke my heart even more.

5) once i let my tears come, which is rarely, it is very hard to stop them. it is like a damn that has been holding everything back that suddenly broke and i cannot stop the flow.

6) i realize that i have amazing children who can calm their brother with patience and maturity beyond their years.

7) this is not to feel sorry for myself, this is simply how it is. my heart does hurt, my heart does break, i do wonder if i am doing enough for my children and when it is all calm again and another storm has been weathered i realize we are closer than we were when we started.

and finally the most important life lesson learned:

8) just because you find a rabbit in a park and bring it home in a build-a-bear box does not mean you are magically a rabbit owner.

the only rabbits allowed in this house must look like this:


just keepin’ it real

we spent yesterday in one of this country’s many beautiful national parks.

while in this park, we went on a hike that is named ‘park avenue’

they call it park avenue due to the majestic canyon walls that tower above on either side of the trail and made some people feel like they were walking park avenue in new york.

wanting to keep it real, we added our own touch of new yorkness.



we used only rocks to draw on rock to make this picture AND it was not on the canyon walls, but canyon floor.

turns out, this is frowned upon, which we did not know until after the crime was done.

now we have brought another taste of new york to the national park.

just keepin’ it real one crime scene at a time.