atheism vs christianity, deep conversations one might have

some families have deep conversations to solve the ills of the world.

we stodmors choose to have deep conversations of sodas.

blind taste test studies of sodas.


don’t discount the importance of this, it could save your life.

a life of not knowing, wandering in soda darkness, alone, cold, and soda-less due to ignorance.

highly scientific data sheets were used.


how else would we find out that high fructose syrup in soda is highly prized over pure cane sugar? (by a score of 6-0)



dear peta, goldfish were harmed in this experiment, they were needed to cleanse the palette after each sip of soda.

and how else would i get pure sugar and food coloring down my children in the name of science?




tried and true stain removal

my daughter wore a very cute, cream-colored, shirt on sunday.

she then proceeded to stain the cream right out of it.

i washed, scrubbed, and cursed the stain.

it still remained a stain on my laundry skills.

as luck would have it, this shirt had ruffles.

and even more luck would have it, the stain was on one of the ruffles.

and even luckier, is the fact that i own scissors.

and since we all know that if there is one ruffle on a shirt, there are more.

i cut the ruffle off.

stain resolved.

move over heloise, there’s a new name in town!