where is hello kitty???

i asked bird what she wanted for christmas this year, she quickly replied with the following:

snowmobile, cash, laptop.

she got this look.

i let that slide for a week and then asked her again what she wants for christmas yesterday.

she replied with the following:

moped or IPAD.

this time she got this look.

“you do know you are not old enough to ride a moped by yourself right?” i asked the obviously 8-year-old.

the question did not faze her request.

where are the my little ponies? hello kitties? barbies?

bird has never asked for anything like this.

she came out of the womb a 20-year-old.

since she won’t budge, we have decided to give her this.

and she will get it when we all live in the same universe that will also give her a snowmobile, moped, cash, laptop, and IPAD.

in other words.


bring on the kitties.


why i know i did at least one good thing in my life.

as most of us feel, cleaning the bathroom is one of  the stages of hell.

for me, personally, it is the 9th stage.

when the hubby and i were dating, he promised me marital bliss by cleaning the bathrooms.

if our marriage was based on that promise, marital bliss has not been achieved.

as i have been contemplating my 9th stage, a miracle has appeared within the last month.

my little bird loves cleaning the bathroom.

she is 8 years old.

i plan i riding this miracle until it dries up.

and maybe buy her some rubber gloves.

favorite child status for life is now securely in place.