a mystery solved

we have an impressive pile of lonely socks looking for their eternal mate.

i found mates for 11 of those socks today.


i went through bird’s drawers today cleaning out clothes that do not fit her anymore.

luckily, i found lots of socks that still fit her.

now to solve the other mystery of why only one sock ends up in her drawer.

but, first we need to solve yet another mystery that continues to plague us.

the hubby locked us out of the house again today.

it has always been just me getting locked out.

today, it was the whole clan.

he says it is an ‘accident’.

i say he secretly wants to be a bachelor.


great expectations

i started yesterday’s endeavor with thoughts of this running through my head.

beautiful, soft, warm, oatmeal cookies to eat with a cup of super coal milk. (paper doilies not included)

what i got was this.

and yes, that is holes in the cookies, they were actually so thin, holes appeared in the middle.

reality bites almost as much as my baking skills.

my other reality is the hubby is on mancation with his buddies which basically means 3 nights of baseball, mass amounts of food, and unabashed crotch scratching.

i could not be happier for him.

it’s all in how you wear it

first knock on the door while i am in the shower….

“mom, what do you think of these shoes?” chicka asked.

“they look cute.” i said, thinking it should be ‘shoe’ since she seemed to only have one on.

second knock on door…….

“mom, you don’t happen to know where the other one is do you?”


third knock on the door.

“do you mind if i borrow this?” she asked.

“no, you cannot borrow it.”

“why?! i need it, i can’t find my other shoe and i think this will work.”

it was way too big, and she did not have anything broken, at least she did not when i stepped into the shower 10 minutes ago.

sadly, although she does have her very own fashion style, using an over-sized walking cast exceeded even her.

more sadly, she was forced to actually find her other shoe.

this morning at 6:58.30 a.m. a lawn mower started up close to my bedroom window by an obviously eager beaver in terms of lawn care on a saturday morning.

this morning at 6:58.31 a.m. i was thinking of diabolical ways to dismember the lawn  mower.

alas, i am not an eager beaver when it comes to early morning lawn care equipment destruction.


a picture says it all

a while back, i posted about the inclusion of queen.

in that post i tried to explain how hard queen tries to be part of the crowd but never quite gets in.

the hubby inadvertently captured exactly what i was trying to explain.

and that is why my heart aches to watch her try so hard.

on a completely up note……

the shoes chicka ordered online finally came today.

on a down note, they were too big.

on an up note, when she came to queen’s room to tell me the sad news, queen immediately reached for the shoes and said “shoes.”

chicka immediately handed them over and said “she can have them.”

smart little girl, that got her an immediate response from this head mama of “we will order you some other ones.”

guess who now has a brand new pair of karla patent ballet shoes?

queen does love her some good shoes.

it also helps that queen regularly calls chicka ‘osie’ now for her name.


a thought provoker

bird asked me an interesting question today while we were doing a couple of errands.

“if you could get a free potion for one whole day to make queen and bear “normal” and not autistic would you?” she asked. “and it would only be for one day, not a second longer.”

i really had to think and i don’t think i would.

“i would, i just want to know what they are like normal.” bird said.

thing is, queen and bear think they are normal and we are the abnormal bunch.

i wonder if they were offered a potion to make us autistic for one day if they would do it.

what would you do?

sunday post

today queen decided to wear the hubby’s sandals for all things fashionable.

especially to church.

viva la nike.

i blame dc cupcakes for the next picture, it gives a false sense to people thinking they are able to frost cupcakes with cute little swirlies on top.

mine look like cute little piles of poo.


bear, on the other hand, found the frosting tasty, which bodes well as they are for his birthday today.

how the kids spend a lazy rainy sunday afternoon.

household tip from a woman who makes piles of poo frosting on top of cupcakes: i like to fill the kitchen sink up with mr. clean floor cleaner; gain scented works best, with especially hot water. then i open the window and let it just sit……it smells like i cleaned something but never did.

when chicka, bird and i were driving the other day chicka said ‘mom, you look so much younger than your age.’ bird, sensing a favorite child status about to be bestowed, piped in with ‘i am pretty sure those guys in the car next to us were checking you out.’

it was in this moment that i realized that creating ‘the favorite child status’ was one of my better mothering ideas.

pass the chaw, pa

taking the tub cooling system to the next level, my ever thinking pioneers decided to kill two necessities with one stone yesterday.

yep, bathing while cooling down……all in our backyard.

i was a proud mother while spitting chaw and drinkin’ my moonshine.

speaking of proud mother moments.

bird had her first drum recital last night.

i brought 3 recording devices, yes 3, to capture the momentous occasion.

the first camera went dead about 30 seconds into her performance.

IT HAD TWO BARS!!!! i felt that was plenty of battery power left.

two bars of chocolate is plenty of battery power, why is that not the same for actual batteries?

the second camera would not even record.

my phone caught 1 minute of it, but my phone is broken so i could not even zoom in and it sounds like an AM radio station when we play it back.

needles to say, chicka’s little comment of “why can’t we be a prepared family” ran through my mind.

luckily it did not go far in my mind as i run on 2 bars regularly.