white vinegar vs. rice vinegar

we have two giant bean bags, the very same bean bags my child emptied all the fluff out of a few weeks ago.

the cat, not to be outdone by the kid, peed all over both bean bags.

the cat is now neutered and has a shaved butt.

don’t mess with my bean bags.

the giant bean bags have been sitting out on the porch waiting for me to come up with some ingenious plan to remove cat pee smell.

although i lack in ingenuity, google does not. i found a vinegar/water/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda concoction that was supposed to cure all my cat urine ills.

it was all going swimmingly until i ran out of white vinegar.

“no worries,” i thought, “i’ll just use rice vinegar.”

i skipped over the balsamic vinegar thinking it would stain the bean bags.

see? my domestic skills are coming on strong.

turns out rice vinegar is NOT the same as white vinegar and did not have the desired effect.

now whenever i sit on the bean bag i have an overwhelming urge to travel to the orient and eat lots of rice.

and to answer your question; yes, the bean bag still has a faint smell of cat pee.

i’ll work on it again once i get my kimono on.

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