cake karma

growing up, my mother could decorate cakes like a master.

it did not matter what was requested, she could decorate it.

my two sisters have also shown the cake decorating gene.

i do not.

one year i thought i was doing pretty good with the flower cake i made for queen.

until the hubby came home and asked if it was an anchor.

fast forwards about 6 years and the hubby made bird’s birthday cake yesterday for her.

“is it an anchor?” i asked him when i saw it.

“i knew you would say that!” he replied, apparently he has been married to me long enough to know i will gladly wait 6 years to avenge a cake slight.

the bird thought it was quite possibly the best cake she had ever seen because her dad made it for her.

i concur.

on a side note bird ran into the kitchen this morning exclaiming “i am so lucky i turned 8 yesterday, the dippin’ dots machine says ages 8+ and that is me!!!!”

very fortuitous indeed.


the inclusion of queen

last friday i took the kids to hangtime utah (the LARGEST indoor trampoline park in the USA)

i like to go big or go home with the kids.

so big that i had 50% coupon to go along with our adventure, then i found an even better coupon and printed that one out leaving the poopy 50% coupon at home.

upon arriving at our destination i see a sign on the door that says my amazing coupon is not good until the following day, so after literally weeks of holding on to coupons, i had no coupon to use and paid full price.

coupon awesomeness.

i also forgot the curse of child-bearing mothers and their bladders.

but not for long.

i had to go and buy new clothing because we were heading to the hubby’s friend’s house for dinner directly after jumping my bladder dry.

i thought i had some comfy shorts.

turns out they were tight bike shorts.

i noticed this AFTER i purchased, ripped off tags, and put on tight bike shorts.

guess who showed up, uncomfortably i might add, to a dinner appointment in tight biker shorts?

bike short awesomeness did not happen.

but this is not why i write this post, i write this post about queen.

lately she really wants to be included with kids her own age (15) or any group of girls hanging out.

she tries so hard with her best smiles and hand flapping and giggles to let them know she really likes them.

most of the time they do quite know what to do with her and just kind of smile then turn their backs leaving queen on the outside.

i thought my heart hurt when i learned her diagnosis and had to change all expectations i had for her, but this makes it ache every time i see her try so hard.

on this particular outing i saw queen, once again, attempt to engage a girl.

this girl was about 10 years old (same age as chicka who includes her all time) and i waited for queen to be dismissed.

guess what?

she was not.

i watched from a little distance as this girl smiled, jumped, did tricks for queen, and talk to her. all the while queen smiled, laughed, watched, hand-flapped and followed her from trampoline to trampoline.

the little girl waved her to keep coming.

i am seriously getting tears in my eyes typing this.

i went up to the little girl after about 20 minutes to thank her so much and tell her that she is the first person in queen’s 15 years to play with her. the little girl asked if she could talk and when i said no she said that was no big deal. i asked Jessica (the little girl) where her mom was and told her mother what an amazing child she was. her mother said she was relieved she was not in trouble again.

to that little girl i would give her anything, she did more within that hour than any kid outside our family has done in 15 years.

for queen, i am grateful she had one afternoon that she was not on the outside trying to get in, but on the inside with someone who acknowledge her for the wonderful person she is.

this is what the moment felt like……breath-taking.

and God said “let there be summer”

end of school year has finally arrived and we all know what that mean right?


lots and lots of bragging.

keats: 5 A’s, 1 B, and 1 C. you know what grade i am most proud of? the C, he worked his heart out for that grade.

em: what can we say, she got the 4.0 GPA award for accomplishing her IEP goals set out this year, of course her teachers and aides were a huge part of this and is on to HS next year.

bear: pure academic awesomeness in progress. he has moved up several reading levels, doing math and learning money skills to pay the bills.

chicka: gold award for reading, spelling, homework; math award, national fitness award.

bird: 100% in every subject but one, 98%.

such disappointment.

ok, i am done bragging; i know they are not relying solely on my genetic contribution (well two are not)

how do i know this?

this morning instead of seeing if the pepper shaker was open i just decided to keep shaking it.

where’s my golden achievment award?

what i am pretty sure she would say


with the kid’s crazy end of year schedule, i have had the opportunity to spend individual time with them.

yesterday i had just the boys.

next week just the two younger girls.

today i have just queen.

i am fairly certain that if there was a way to tell me on the IPAD that right now she would be saying over and over:



this is my status update

we have not seen baby kitty for a couple of days and assumed that he was so angry with us for having his manly drive removed that he ran away.

i found him locked in the coat closet this morning, he is still glaring at me.

our other cat is stuck on the roof as i type.

if cats can be born with mental disabilities i am certain we have two of them.

today was favorite character day at school, school starts at 9 am.

today at 7:30 am my little one came and told me exactly what character she wanted to be.

today at 7:31 am i cursed.

after getting the big three to school, i came back and began feverishly working on her character (not moral character, too many curse words were flowing through my brain to be of any moral use.)

today at 8:56 am we completed this:

the TV head from the video ‘video killed the radio star’

luckily, bird’s favorite character of choice was the grim reaper.

i am still trying to decide exactly how much money i should put into her trust fund for therapy.

today at 9:09 am i arrived at queen’s school where she was getting an award for 4.0 GPA. no one, and i do mean no one, flapped their hands or giggled like she did when her name was called. she also got a pretty big cheer from the student section.

it was really cool of MJHS to do this, the fact they acknowledge special ed is pretty significant.

now, at 10:35 am, my house is trashed, the cat is still on the roof, (which is better than when our 3rd cat got stuck on the power pole) the other cat that has survived the coat closet for 2 days is still staring at me and i need a drink.

not a two-finger shot, let’s just measure the fist shall we?

how many kids does it take to kill me?

we have a rickshaw that is the same style as this:

the girls like to get picked up from school in it.

today, one little boy asked if he could have a ride.

“sure.” i said assured in my rickshaw skills that i could give one extra kid a ride home.

turns out saying yes to one little boy meant that two other kids jumped on as well.

three 2nd graders, one 3rd grader, one 4th grader, and 1 6th grader=death by rickshaw, or at least copious amounts of butt sweat by me.

we looked basically like this:

except with blond kids.