little things

i am grateful for queen and bear in my life, they make the little things so much sweeter.

1) calling bear and hearing him say “i’m coming.”

2) waiting for queen outside the bathroom at church and when she did not come out i went in to find her sitting in the rocking chair used for nursing mothers with her skirt thrown in the middle of the floor. why am i grateful for this? last time she did not like the clothes i picked out for her, she threw the dress in the garbage on her way out of the bathroom wearing  only underwear and a shirt to great the waiting public ………big improvement this time.

we agreed that i would not make her wear the skirt again.

she can say so much without ever uttering a word.

power to the queen.

3) in the middle of bouncing on the exercise ball last night bear made it explode, landing on his coccyx (thank you napoleon dynamite granny for teaching me that word)

laughing while walking away rubbing his buns. when he sat down to watch tv he said “oh…..i ache.” these are words i did not even know he knew, let alone knew how to use in the correct context.

these are little things made beautiful that i would not have paid any attention to before but that queen and bear have gifted me with……gratitude. without even knowing what they were doing, they have taught me gratitude and to take the time to really notice what matters…… extra greasy burgers.

and here you thought i was going to get all mushy on you.



using what is handy

the hubby is a math genius.

i exploit this genius any time i need it to make me look like a genius, today was no different.

i texted him a math problem with a question mark.

he called right back.

i was in a bathroom stall at school solving another problem.

“ready for help?” he asked.

why stop a math genius?

“yes.” i said and pulled out my notebook, pen and insta-table already installed in my stall.


by the time i left he had talked me through two math problems with complete understanding.

i know it is considered a social no-no to carry on phone conversations in the bathroom, but are there different rules for educational purposes?

this picture has nothing to do with my post, it just made me chuckle………one day the 15-year-old boy in me will grow up.




a catch-up not to be confused with ketchup.

now to bring all of you up-to-date with this intensely interesting and highly informative post that will change your life forever. …….for…..ev………er.

let us start with this.

annnndddddd……..we’re done.

no i jest, i am just getting started.

1) even missing a 100 point test at the end of term because he was sick and turns out he could not make it up, keats still made honor roll.

2)after the teacher called to make sure she did have a pizza limit for the class party, queen’s teacher informed me of how much she was using the IPAD to get what she wanted in class, mainly pizza after being cut off.

3)bear just basically rocks……and has really stinky feet which leads me to this product endorsement.

4) after being tested for learning disabilities in 1st grade and finding out that she was not learning impaired but only trying to be the first one to finish every possible project and test in class, chicka is now classified as ‘advanced’ in reading.

5)on her report card bird got 100% in every single subject but one, she got a 99% in that one. good thing she is not an overachiever or anything.

i am going to get a DNA test done on this one cuz even though i carried her in my womb i am pretty sure my husband cheating on me because i believe in under-achieving therefore being pleasantly surprised when an unexpected mediocre achievement occurs.

the hubby is still sessy and fractions are completely useless for me and learning them makes me wish that we were never taught to share as children therefore keeping everything whole AND therefore taking away the need of needing to learn to divide things up into fractions.

once again kindness has caused major problems in my life.

this is wrong

i have not once put another blog on my post because i am angry at what is happening to the individual who wrote it.

there is a first for everything.

this is such an important read to understand what we have been trying to say about our children with mental disabilities who are considered ‘mentally retarded’ in their progress in life.

this whole population of people, yes people just like you the reader, are not given the same rights as the ‘normal’ population.

it has to stop. this is not the first time i have felt helpless rage and uselessness, i have written about this before in our own personal experience here.

our experience is not the same as this family’s, their’s is a real fight for life or death.

if you ask me, this woman showed an amazing amount of self-restraint in the conference room, i would have resorted to some sort of physical retaliation to hear my child was not ‘normal’ enough for them to deem her worthy to live.

please read this article.


in class yesterday we were told that much of the semester will be spent in groups working together in class.

i had an overwhelming urge to pass the following note to the student next to me to insure group status.

i have a little on home sick today, but not so sick that she did not ask to go to denny’s for breakfast.

upon arriving she could not believe how fancy it was.

it was attached to the flying j’s gas station.

we chilled with some hot chocolate, did a word search AND a picture search (the fork was a challenge to find.)

have i mentioned how much i love my kids?

dear brain

dear brain,

today you are starting college….


the first time you mostly just memorized the domino’s pizza number and hung out.

 let’s give it the ol’ college try this time and memorize domino’s AND papa john’s number for real success.

thanks for the back-up on my stretching-my-boundaries goal,


i heard this funny story on the radio this morning and am still giggling every time i think about it.

a man pulled out in front of another man which caused him to t-bone the car.

the t-boned drived got out and “waddled” over to the t-boner and said, while poking him in the stomach as that is all his height would allow, “i am not happy.”

“no? well which one are you then?” the t-boner asked.

a fist fight ensued.