you know when……..

you know just how cold you are when you step into the honey bucket and are delightfully please the toilet seat is warm from the hundreds previous butts that sat on it before you. you know you don’t get compliments very often when the girl behind you in line says you don’t look old enough to have 5 kids and your first response is “can i make out with you?”

you know you need to go shopping when you sit down at the dinner table and see a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the table with the explanation from the hubby that it is to be used as napkins……..toilet paper, it ain’t just for the hinney.

you know that you must teach your children more cultural things when they don’t even bat an eye over it.

you know you might be doing something right when your child opts to not go to a friend’s birthday party (where best friend will be) to stay home and have family movie night without threat of bodily harm or exchange of money.

maybe it is my stunning personality.

off to find the perfect halloween costumes for the hubby and i.

no, i did not wait until the last possible minute, i waited for the last possible sale which might result in this: which i happen to think is a rockin’ costume.

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