a vocabulary lesson

bird has always put her own spin on words.

if there is a tomorrow then there must be a tomorning.

this past week she taught me another word.

“everyone had a part but me, i was outcluded.” bird let me know.

of course if there is an included there is an outcluded.

turns out outcluded is also a verb because when a mother hears this it makes her heart squeeze.

i was able to use this word myself on a camp out.

“you are not included with the adults very often are you?”  a kid asked me.

i looked ever to see the adults all talking in a circle deciding the day’s events.

“no, i guess i always do seem to be in the kid section, i guess i am outcluded.”

“i think that is what makes you beautiful, you are a child-like adult.” this same boy said.

and i happened to find him an adult child at that moment.

i’ll be honest, i am still trying to decide if it is good to be an child-like adult or not, maybe i am not as tall as i think i actually am so i blend nicely with the natives.

then i remembered that i had just taught my two daughters and niece how to pee in the great outdoors without the use of anything indoors through a live tutorial……..

pinnacle of my mothering career to date.

on a random note,  i found this pix while searching for other pix.this sign would not give me comfort to see, although informative, at the site of my campsite because if i did see this sign i would add the picture of a car driving off.


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