caution: pix of athletic prowess will be used in this post

yesterday was queen and bear’s sports extravaganza day, one of the funnest days of the year.

we had running: the form alone is gold medal standard.

how many people does it take to get queen to run the 100 meters? three

one to push her to start and two to keep her going. in the pic she is not jumping because she is happy, she is yelling at them for making her go faster than a stroll. then came the archery.

in bear’s pic he is letting go from pulling back. please note the arrow still firmly attached; he needs to work on the thrust. if tensing all your muscles in your body makes the arrow go farther, then bear’s arrow is in california.

first queen gave them the look of ‘you want me to do whaaaa?’ then she got to the task at hand.

how many people does it take to for queen to shoot an arrow? three. after seeing the archery prowess of queen and bear, they are totally repsonsible for bagging the turkey this year for thanksgiving.

good luck kids.

they had face painting, i can’t believe queen let them with only a squint of the eye.they had prizes. they had the best helpers E.V.E.R.and they made me realize again how much i love this day.

they will not ever be on winning teams, competitive sports, or even want to run a race, but yesterday i could not have been more proud or excited if they were playing for a championship.

they totally rock my world!

the mysteries of our fridge.

i cleaned the fridge yesterday day and discovered this:we don’t even like mustard.

i can only assume some fornication is going on behind closed doors and it involves the mustard.

impressive growth rate.

ps. why did heinz feel the need to specify ‘yellow’ mustard on the label?

i can only assume it is to aid the color blind.congratulations! if you see the number you are not color blind.

if not, be nice to your spouse, they will be dressing you….


i have been reading on facebook posts of people that are canning their cans off.

not only reading, but seeing oodles of pics of bottles of canned goods mocking and taunting me.

i could not stand the inferior feeling anymore, i had to take action to bring my self-worth back up so i acted accordingly.

i canned chicken broth, beef broth, apple sauce, peaches, mandarin oranges, honey, and some spaghetti sauce yesterday.

i would personally like to thank all faceless, nameless individuals at western family who made my canning experience a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

oh, and a shout out to the local grocery store who had the case lot sale that helped me become the canning woman i am today.

oh, i almost forgot to give thanks to the kids who helped me load my bounty from the shopping cart into the car.

getting all the cases of cans out of the back of the car was rather taxing, but so worth the feeling of canning goodness.

now, to a much more serious case of sheep following……

yesterday bird broke her arm at recess.


because she is a non-flying bird and falling from the top of a slide did not end well for her.

at least that is what we thought.

the following picture shows exactly how badly it ended for her.can you see the look of outright pride and joy on her face?

of course, her smile also reminds me of thing 1 in cat in the hat.

finally, an injury chicka has not had. success at the very basic level and she is reveling in it.

it’s pure

yesterday i used the biore strip on my forehead. simple steps to follow to become pore clean:

wash face.

leave face wet.

dry hands.

apply strip.

let dry.

remove to reveal sparkling pores.

i did all 6 steps as advised.

what was not advised was not noticing that i had included my upper eyebrows in the pore cleaning process. what i did notice was that not only were my pores being pulled clean, so were my eyebrows.

son of a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i strongly suggest to biore that a step number 7 be included in instruction.


am i braggin? why yes, yes i am

parent teacher conferences. keats is now on-level math, only student to get 100% on his test in his class.



in bird’s soccer game she played defense.

she was the only defender from mid-field line back and the coach finally told her goalie to just go up and play forward because bird was not letting anything by.



chicka the inventor, first find willing participant then introduce the world’s first ever cat swing:bragging?


bear just being bear. the end.



queen informing me she wanted to go to wal mart on her ipad. me telling her no. she telling me yes.



the hubby changing 4 light bulbs and finding the last easter egg.



do you all feel inferior now?



not mocking i say, NOT mocking.

“i have been washing her hair with bubble bath the past two nights.” the hubby admitted to me.

in his defense the bubble bath does say tear-free and extra sensitive AND looks suspiciously like shampoo….

i just wonder if we add water to her hair if it will bubble…..


“did you ever lie to your parents?” chicka asked me at dinner last night.

“yes, every single chance i got.” i replied.

“oh, maybe that is where i get my need to lie.” she mused.

“chicka, lying is not genetic, you choose to lie.”

“are you sure?” she asked.

“yes.” i said fervently not lying.

so, now she has to go back to the drawing board as to why she lies, then feels bad, and confesses immediately to her lies. mainly the confessions come because she is a terrible liar and we know she is lying.

it’s a vicious circle she runs in.


a journal

after listening to a person talk in church yesterday, in between the really big words this person likes to use, i realized i like journals; i just don’t write in one.

but wait!

i have been!

my blog.

so my journal entry for this weekend.

“you are starting to put an edge on me.” chicka warned keats.

“mom, there are no tissues in that bathroom so i am going to the other bathroom.” this is bird running back into sacrament after leaving to fetch a tissue for bear’s runny nose. instead of just going to other bathroom, she re-entered, then re-exited, only to re-enter again. very thorough girl.

queen lifting up her arm to smell her armpit while changing her shirt.

it was stinky.

even she noticed.

keats speaking in church.

sorry, no sordid details today in the journal entry, hopefully do you even wonder what a generation from now will think when they read what was written?

the bird makes my heart sing

“i am glad queen and bear are antistic.” bird told me.

we rarely use the word autistic in our house, i don’t know why, not a conscious thing we do, we just consider queen and bear themselves, not descriptions. it is not like we use descriptions to describe anyone else in our house……if we did, feelings would be hurt. so for bird, ‘antistic’ is ‘autistic’.

we were in queen’s room where bird had been playing with her while i fixed a toy.

“you are?”

“yeah, sure it is hard sometimes, especially when bear was so mad all the time, but most of the time it is really good.”

“yeah, it really is.”

“if i did not have queen and bear i would not have known how to act with that kid in the store, but because i have them i knew i just needed to smile and say hi to him because he would like that.”

we had seen a severely down syndrome adult a few days before and i had noticed bird talk to him and i also noticed the gigantic smile she got in return.

i realized then that my 7- years old gets it better than most kids/adults out there.

and that is antastic which rhymes with fantastic!