free to the highest bidder

i can’t take it anymore.

i give up.

the dog has won.

she is the great escape artist.animal control showed up this morning because the neighbor called.

and the neighbor should call, she is that annoying.

the dog, not the neighbor.

i had just let her off her lease to go to the bathroom and not even 5 minutes later she was gone.

“i just need to come in your fence and look.” said the animal control officer.

we went along the whole fence line, behind bushes, trees, and flowers.

we have done everything we can to keep this dog in.

“i was going to ticket you until i saw your fence. you really have tried, some dogs are just escape artists no matter how much the pet owner tries.”

yeah, there is the electric fence.

there is also no money for the electric fence so that is pretty much a moot point.

her time is ticking, and then i look at her and think how sad and lonely athena would be without her and she gets another reprieve from craigslist.maybe i should have the hubby to the looking at her.


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