i think we still got some years left in us

“happy eve before anniversary.” the hubby told me last night.

he was not trying to be overly romantic, oh no, he was once again reminding me of our anniversary knowing i would have totally forgot it.

just like i forgot his birthday that one year.

you see, i forget important things.

the hubby farts on me in his sleep.

i am grumpy in the morning.

he talks WAY too much in the morning.

he has REALLY bad morning breath.

i have stinky pits.

we have hurt each others feelings.

he knows every insane fact about nothing and shares it freely.

i drive him insane with my inability to just sit by him for more than 5 minutes.

we have argued.

we have annoyed each other.

we have seen each other at their worst.

and then we laugh about it afterwards.

and that is why we will be hangin’ together for the next 10 years.

we have found each other.

we have found each other’s flaws and stinkiness.

and we have found the one that will let us be our complete self without recrimination.

yep, i think that is what they call love.

xoxoxo hubby, glad we found our groove and it includes speed bumps to let us know we are doing something right.


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