chicka tackles poetry

List Poem

By: Rosy Stoddard


Boys, Boys, Boys

Rough boys, soft boys, sweet boys, boy toys

These are just a few.

Nice boys, awesome boys, good boys, bad boys too.

Tall boys, short boys, round boys, thin boys.

Don’t forget cool boys

Last of all, best of all, I like rich boys!

hmmm….puttin’ a finger on it

i am not sure what is going on lately.

i have been struggling, and i don’t usually have this hang on this long

the kids are all doing amazing.

i have an amazing husband.

i even have amazing dogs.

since august, when we were thrown into a custody battle that started with a temporary restraining order, things have been unsettled.

it is still going on.

it is going into its 8th month.

not that it is constant, just constantly there in my mind.

i am tired of it.

it is like an itch that never gets scratched enough.

i feel it changing me.

i don’t trust as i used to.

i hear a story and think that there is always another side to it.

i have even started to do this with religion.

if one person hears a story, another person can have a completely different perception of the same story.

who is right and who is wrong?

i have become disillusioned with people who don’t really do their jobs because it is just a job to them when it is our lives that are being affected and every case these professionals take on should be treated as if it is their families on the line, when you lose that sight, you lose sight of the importance of your job.

i have learned you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

and all because i knew this

i know we are not given more than we can bear.

each of us have strengths, and i have more good in my life than bad; much, much more;

but, until the good in my life is safe and not under attack anymore, i am not sure when i will feel settled.


“bear, what do you want for a snack?” i asked him

“goldfish and beef jerky.” he said after thinking.

“we are out of goldfish.” i told him.

“popcorn and beef jerky.” he amended.

here is the milestone about this conversation, before we would have to give him a list of choices, let him choose, then ask him “bear, do you want popcorn and beef jerky yes or no?”


we just ask what he wants, he thinks about it and tells us.

he is doing this for so many other things too.

bear is free-thinking and asking for things.

who would have thought that would be so sweet.

tonight at dinner we watched queen sit down, pick up her fork, use it (without prompts) refill her plate, get her own ketchup, sign for a refill of water and more rice cakes…without prompts.

she has been able to do many of these things with prompts, cues, put the fork in her hand, but now…..well, she is pretty independent.

seeing her use a fork is the sweetest milestone.

now for the napkin.

we also have a cat who thinks he is alfred hitchcock.

what do you think?

finding the almighty

“look mom.” bear said pointing at the TV, “God Almighty.”

i looked.

all i saw was the start of an avalanche on the tigger movie.

“God Almighty.” bear said again.

i oohed and aahhed for him as expected.

then i got to thinking, if i saw an avalanche coming over a mountain right at me, you know what i would say?

“God Almighty!”

bear has got it down.

for my privacy

i am sick.

not a little sick.

a lot sick for me.

so after i got up, i laid on the couch to snooze and still be around the kids.

they built me a privacy wall so no one could disturb me:

such thoughtful children i gave birth to.

here is the size of the couch i was laying on:

soon after privacy wall was erected, bear came and let me know he wanted the other end of the couch.

he spent his time on that end of the couch intermittently pretending to sleep and kissing his pointer finger than pointing it at me.

bird came to my side of the couch and tried to climb in beside me.

although she is a little bird, there was no room in the nest.

she settled in on the floor next to me with her head on my shoulder.

the cat took position at my head.

and chicka took her spot on the re-upolstered-with-duct-tape chair.

keats was outside the privacy wall, but just.

queen came and looked at the scene, laughed, and left.

we were a very private bunch.

during this time, bear decided he needed his music.

his music was locked in the trunk of the VW.

i watched as he went outside, got the key to the VW, unlocked the trunk and then was stupefied by the CD changer and could not get his music.

that is when he finally called for help.

i was too stupefied at what i had just watched.

that bear is smarter than your average bear.

let the competition begin

we have a serious case of ‘anything you can do i can do better’ going on in our house.

keats and his best bud have started making movies.

very funny movies in my humble opinion.

chicka and bird thought they could too.

here is the world premier of ‘WORLD DOMINATION!’

and this is chicka’s concert that bear thoroughly enjoyed (check the girl next to chicka……..very focused. now look at chicka…….very unfocused.)

now to gush……

i am not feeling well so i get this call at 4:55 am, it is the hubby asking if he can do the last 20 minutes of the route so i can come home and s.l.e.e.p.

can a girl be any luckier?


nothing like the old fashioned click of a camera

i finally developed the film from christmas.

yep, i said film.

this is bear enjoying his new potato head:

and here is my brother questioning christmas morning and bird obviously getting the hearing the right answer.

and here is me realizing the battery in my camera needed to be changed so more than 2 pictures turned out in a roll of 24.

stupid film.