can we dim the lights please?

after consulting the management, as in the people who live within the walls we call home, and deeming it okey-dokey-artichokey

AND in the famous words of mr. zigler

the show must go on.

of course, there are some ground rules as to what will be discussed, so let us review.

things not discussed:

1) my BM schedule.

2) my bra size.

3) my caloric intake

4) my current weight/waist size/or the unsightly chin hair i can grow on command now.

what will be discussed.

1) my sister’s bra sizes, and to be fair, my sister-in-law and brother ricky.

2) just basically pure awesomeness.

now onto my wish for today:

i wish i could find an emerald in my cornfield just like the farmer in north carolina did today.i looked,

it was not there.


a couple of years ago i met a very nice woman who was writing a book about the importance of play.

she asked me to help write a chapter on playing with children who had disabilities.

from this encounter, she suggested if i ever wanted to write a book, she would help me.

awhile later i did write a book.

i did not have a lot of time to do the finish work at the time so she suggested a blog.

i sat on that idea for a bit then decided to jump in.

i used excerpts of the chapters i had written from my book to start,

then introduced you to our every day ‘normal’ life for us.

and that is how the now infamous blog began.

it has come to our immediate attention,

that although we do not have any visible, physical wounds,

my family is wounded and these wounds are going to take time.

time does seem do help many things,

it is very relentless in its march forward.

for that reason,

i am shutting down this blog for a while.

it will not be left alone by those wishing to use it against me.

i know it will not be left alone when i do start again;

but i refuse to make it private,

i CANNOT let another aspect of my life be controlled.

we need this time to heal.

until then,


it’s independence day

bear found his treasure at DI yesterday in the form of a jump-start.

the kindergarten version to be exact.we uploaded it on the computer for him and away he went.

this particular version is pretty easy for him.

i came back downstairs to check on the game to find the following:

1. he had already stopped jump-start and taken the CD out.

2. he got on the internet.

3. he got onto you tube.

4. he typed what movie he was looking for and was watching it.

5. may i state that he did this ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

we now take a moment to brag about the queen

after getting out of the bath tub today,

she promptly went into our bedroom,

opened sir’s shirt drawer,

and dressed herself before coming down.

i don’t want to brag,

but i am fairly certain they get their genius from me.

how the other half lives…..

my brother came from cali to rescue me from my deseret industries/wal-mart wardrobe.

i actually saw him shutter when my girls told him these were the best stores.

he took me to a store called anthropologiei know!! i did know it existed either.

in fact, i spelled it wrong trying to google it.

don’t worry, google corrected me.

in this store, they actually have an ambiance.

they have dresses that you don’t even feel the fabric or the seams when you put them on.

they…….have……..dressing rooms!!!!!

not only dressing rooms,

but rooms that they write your name on the door and you can’t see your feet from under the door!!!!

they comment on your clothes as you come out.

they have a waiting room with a couch and a chair by in the room by the dressing rooms!!!!


no wonder the rich like to be rich.

turns out it does not suck.

my amazing brother got me two dresses.

two dresses that will ALWAYS be hung up.

and that is saying somethin’!

yes, anthropolgie,

i enjoyed our chance encounter in the night,

and am grateful for the two beautiful dresses created from that chance encounter,

but, alas, we were just not meant to be.

our first time

for the first time in our 9 years of marriage the hubby and i went shopping.

not because it is christmas or a birthday,

just because we felt like it.

i am sure we did not stick out at all.

not even when the hubby bought these babies then insisted to the clerk that he was wearing them out of the store, with his white tube socks and tags still on.i managed to get the tags torn off by stepping on them.

and i am certain we still did not stand out as first time shoppers when i said.

“can you believe they have a 1/2 size!?” i asked the hubby.

yes, as in one-half.

“look,” my shopping prowess skills continued to shine, “they even have a 3/4 size!.”

yes, as in three-quarters.

it was not until i saw that they also have a 5/6th size that the light bulb went off.the tags meant size 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and well, you get the idea.

i am certain the bath and body employee, while explaining that the lotoin i was looking at were more sexy smelling while the ones on the other side were more unicorns and puppy smelling.

“do i not exude sexiness to you?” i asked him. “why do you think i am standing in front of the sexy.”

he went blank for a moment.

we did so much shopping that a gay man named richard (ironically no relation) exclaimed “no that’s the way to do it!!!”

we also found something else out,

shopping for no reason really does make you feel better.

who touched our heart today:

our little bird.

” i will give you all my money to get the kids back.” she came up and told us.