bear got up pretty much every day at 8 am or after during the school year.

on the last day of school he slept till 9:10 am and just skipped it.

on the last day of school ‘celebration’ we got pizza and hiked up to the ‘Y’

he was not happy.

the very next morning, the first day of summer vacation no less, he was up at 6:10 am.

revenge for the hike?

out of the mouths of babes… if that babe is 37 years old and has a know it all 8 year old

as many, probably most, of you know….

our church baptizes the kids at 8 years old.

given the geographical area in which we live, we have an abundance of 8 year olds who are baptized on a regular basis.

we personally own an eight-year-old,

who,  coincidentally, is not baptized.

given the geographical area in which we live, once again, she is asked repeatedly when she will be baptized.

at school, at church, at play, at sir’s work, at the store.

when the answer is in the negative from our still un-baptized eight-year-old, there is inevitably the response of “oh you will be.” and “It would make Jesus happy.”

while discussing this phenomenon with the hubby, and not realizing the little eagle ears of our un-baptized 8-year-old, i said the following.

“i just think 8 is not old enough to get baptized. how much sinning do they need to have ‘washed away?’ if it was my choice, knowing what i know now, i would wait WAY longer until i was baptized. probably just before i got married, then that whole ‘wash-away-sins would really be handy.”

of course this was said somewhat in jest.

until we went to some friend’s house a few days later.

“are you baptized yet?” the friend asked my un-baptized eight-year-old.

“no, my mom says i should wait until i am older so i can get some sinning in without worrying about it.” said my suddenly very sinful, in my eyes, daughter.

i could sure use some baptism now for that blasphemy my daughter is now spouting.


quotes of the day

“she has some anti-nay-sayer force around her that makes it so no one can say no to her.”

lamentations of a boy who cannot get rid of a girl that he desparately wants to get rid of.

“it starts when you sink into his arms and ends with your arms in the sink.”

a very wise unknown woman.

“i’d be polite-ed to!”

an eight year old girl’s response to requests.

“i like to pleasure my tongue with food.”

a very amusing husband.

“if i wanted to talk to a piece of poo, i’d talk to the toilet bowl.”

a not-thought-out reply to from an angry person.

i take no responsibility for the things that come from my brain to mouth without thought or filter.

a pet i can live with

“we are fighting right now mom.” bird informed me while trying to get her pet in her hand.

she then rolled over on her back and crooned to the little bugger.

“i think he is tired, i am going to put him to bed.”

“do you want to go to bed? hmmmmm? i got a very nice bed for you.” she said in her sing-song voice.

she is a good pet owner.

and i like her selection of pets.

a rolly polly bug is the perfect pet.

i must admit though, i am grateful the other kids are out of school tomorrow.

i fear bird is lonely.

a new way…….

a new way…..

to wear flip flops

as brought to you by bear

some testing occurred today

and it was one bird.

evidently they needed to make sure she is 1st grade ready.

and what did they find?

she is a genius.

like her mother.

of course,

that is my own reading of the test results and are subject to bias.

have a nice day

we have finally found one

when bird arrived at school on friday with her wares to sell,

she realized very quickly that lots of kids wanted to buy them.

when she left the house, she was charging 2 cents per necklace.

upon seeing the frenzy,

she quickly raised the price to 5 cents per necklace.

“i sold them all and more kids wanted them.” she proudly told me.

“did you buy anything?” i asked.

“oh, a few things, i did not want to spend my money.”

i sent her with the required 25 pennies to do her shopping,

she came home with 56 pennies.

we have found our retirement nest egg,

and her name is bird.

she will now get the choicest cuts of meats, the freshest veggies and fruits and the first pick at all desserts.

i plan on staying on this little capitalist’s good side for a long time.

a lesson in communicating, duplicate and you too can talk without learning anything

as you may or may not know,

we have tried, very successfully to burn up one vehicle, make another vehicle useless, and throw in a non-worker lawn mower for good measure.

so, the van we are just going to wait for the money fairy to come in a few weeks.

the VW, we are waiting for the part from chicago, because the part cannot be found in the western united states.

and the lawn mower?

yeah i fixed i braggin’?

yeah, it’s my rights.

with one car the past couple of day, i have driven over 300 miles driving everyone around.

i told the hubby that he could take the car today after saying i would take him to work after my route at 6 am.

we decided there really is not anywhere i could go in it anyways.

i thought, with that problem solved, i could take as long as i wanted to on the route.

the hubby thought that he was still going to go into work at 6 am to open the store for all the other workers.

we shared the very same conversation, but came to very different conclusions while walking away from the very same conversation.this morning on the route after the 6 am time had passed,

the honda started shaking almost every time i would brake.

i thought we had another car goin’ down the car crapper.

it did this for about 6-7 houses until i realized that my phone was on vibrate and was shaking the car.

it was the hubby.

“where are you!?!?” he asked.  he thought i had fallen asleep at the wheel, been pulled over, ran off the train tracks, or just got lost.

he was freakin’ out.

“i am so sorry, i took my time today, prepped the papers for tomorrow and actually talked to people today.” i explained, “i’ll be right home.”

i got home just about 7 am.

one hour past the getting-the-people-into-work time.

“rc willey called and they are not opening the store today.” i told him hoping he would stay home.

“funny you should say that. i was supposed to open today.”

“YOU WERE!?!?!?!?”

we were like a collision on a freeway as our conclusions to the day’s previous conversation finally came together as one.

we talk every single day.

lots of conversations every single day.

we just have maybe one conversation every single day that we both walk away from understanding each other.

queen bringin’ back the 1/2 shirt

since realizing the power of dressing herself, nobody’s clothes are safe.

not even chicka’s.

the best part?

queen like to start from scratch every time she changes if ya know what i mean.

the next fashion trend

bird was given the assignment to make 10 little crafts to sell in her class for the last day of school.

this is her creation

but she was not done there, oh no.

introducing the new snowman fashionista

snowman necklaces.

yours for only 2 cents.

trying not to freak out

tomorrow bear heads out for Lagoon,

without me,

along with hundreds of other jr high kids.


yes, i am nervous.

yes, i am sure i overpacked.

yes, i trust his teacher immensely.

no, it has not stopped the worrying.

oh, i hope he has a good time.

okay, i know he will have a good time.

i hope i can handle his good time.