the shenanigans at 554 s today

the horse is still hangin’ around

we live with a right-wing extremist

queen sleeps with her finger on the trigger

chicka’s greatest artistic inspirations come during church

all subjects are looking left with caption below

clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“were you hungry when you went shopping at costco?”

i asked the hubby


was the sheepish reply.


“well, you went for bacon and milk and you came home with ham, steak, chocolate chip cookies, oro wheat thin whole wheat bread and then some bacon and eggs.”

“what are you trying to say?”

trivia question:

did you know that every time chicka takes a bite of food she crosses her eyes because she watches the bite all the way to her mouth?

she has done this since she was teeny tiny.

did you also know in the future she wants to live a life of crime because she feels it is the quickest way to get rich?

“if i was leader of the world, everyone would be my slaves.”

keats informed us.

“how is that different for me?” i asked.

“well, everyone else. except bronson of course.”

“would that make him your queen?” sir asked keats.

“WHAT?? NO!!! i am not J-A-Y” he adamantly spelled out

“what’s J-A-Y?” chicka asked

“you don’t want to know, and it is not a good thing!” keats knowingly told her.

sir and i were laughing too hard to be of any help.

evidently this year, he has started to hear more people being called gay at school

“and it does not mean happy mom.” is what he told me.

maybe he needs a built in spell check.


why we are known around town

bear’s accessorizing

bird’s snowboard bike helmet and medal she wore around her neck all day

queen’s floaty swimsuit and water gun

apparently the horse was getting cheeky,

bear had a pretty good strong-hold on its mouth

don’t worry, the horse came through unscathed

i am a visual lass

when the big 3 were first diagnosed, especially keats and queen, almost 11 years ago with autism, things were just starting to get some steam as to what to do.

early intervention was just beginning to be realized as an important step.

and although there were some,

there were not near the choice of schools and programs that there are today.

i felt like a steam train pushing through mounds of snow drifts on the track trying to find programs and schools that fit the needs of the kids.

well, almost 11 years later i feel the steam building once again.

keats and bear are easy, and easy is a relative term based on everyone’s situation.

in placing them, they are still academic based in schooling.

sure, bear likes to add a curriculum of hand-to-hand combat in his educational journey,

that is until he met his hand-to-hand match in ms. joeden parker, now he just tries to blow the competition away……


we need to find a secondary school for the queen.

queen is not academic based.

queen is how-do-i-get-my-peasants-to-do-my-bidding based.

we need to teach queen the you-are-now-going-to-do-the-work-yourself-this-is-our-emancipation-day based school.

in short,

life skills.

queen needs to be around kids her own age.

she is most definitely a teen-ager and in a lot of ways still an elementary student.

who do we find a school to accommodate both?

she needs to be in a setting that is still somewhat floortime based,

she needs a setting where she can learn life skills such as simple cooking, road signs, shopping, and cleaning.

sure, we can teach her all this here, but she needs the social part of school

queen is so social.

we are not asking for much are we?

if there is such an epidemic of autism why are there not more programs out there for secondary education of non-verbal autistic children and not just early intervention?

is this too much to ask?

it seems, once again, that queen is in the group that is the front steam engine moving the snow out-of-the-way so the rest of the train will be able to zoom along smoothly.

maybe in 11 more years there will be the same amount of secondary education programs as there are early intervention programs and elementary programs.

until then,

we will steam ahead and start looking for the perfect little kingdom for the queen to rule next school year.

any suggestions?

i don’t think my ‘shine-free’ facial wash is working

i don’t know about you,

but i feel like a lucky penny with this hair color.

i wonder if i will land heads up today.

i am here for you, my dear dear friends that i never talk to in person

it is the end of january.

the new year resolutions are starting to wane,

we are feeling a little blah,

getting out of the the ol’ sweat pants everyday is getting increasingly more difficult with each passing winter’s day.

well, those doldrums days are over.

i am here for you.

now get out there and do the pony!

ps. does anyone else find it odd they are working out in front of a food court with an ice cream cone and panda express?

angry face needed

last night i had a dream that the hubby, two girls and i all went to someone’s house to hang out.

it was full of Polynesians.

“i  am really attracted to that girl and i would like to start dating her and see if she will marry me.” the hubby informed me.

“okay, what ever you think is best, i support you.” i replied.


he went into another room to make the phone call to start his wooing while listened in on the other line. (in my dream he did not know this)

i also lost the bird in my dream because i could not remember where i dropped her off at and had queen with me looking for her. i kept asking queen

“where did we leave the bird!?”

she did not talk in my dream either.

she was no help at all.

when i woke up i was not mad at the hubby, which i should have been because everyone knows that even if it is just a dream cheating is cheating.

and wanting another wife is still wanting another wife.

no, i was mad at myself.

since when did i become submissive in my dreams??

i usually beat people up in my dreams. you know, like- throw- them- across- the- room beat up.

and i lose my kids in a dream on a regular basis too.

i am still feeling a little touchy over the whole episode.

just to make sure i still have the mojo, i am going to slap the first Polynesian i see.

or my hubby.