a new leaf has been turned….

“if deeanna wasn’t there today who did you play with at recess.” i asked chicka today.

“oh, my other friends.”

“and what do you play with your other friends?” i asked her.



“no,” eye roll, “i don’t chase boys anymore.”

“are you seriously expecting me to believe you don’t chase boys anymore?”

“well……..” smiling “i don’t!”

“sure, i believe that.”

later that night the new leaf i thought had been turned suddenly flipped back.

“did you know zurg, that chicka no longer chases boys?” i informed the hubby.

he was as cynical as me.

“so chicka, are there any boys that are faster than you?” he asked

“only carson…..” she said.

then she realized her mistake.

“and how would you know that carson is faster than you?” the hubby continued.

“oh!!!!!!!” while laying her head down on her arms.

that’s what i thought.

there ain’t a boy alive that chicka doesn’t want to chase.


tis the season…….

it is cold outside.

it gets dark early.

i have kids who don’t have¬† an imagination and i can’t tell to go read a book.

you know what that means?!

i have to spend the next 4 months trying to figure out free/cheap/easy/sanity-saving ideas to entertain my brood of procreations.

at least when winter solstice hits i know it will be getting lighter every day one minute at a time……what did we do today?

we went to the church gym with a bunch of blankets and had a picnic, then played some wiffle ball and basketball then made human trains with bird holding onto chicka’s feet and chicka holding on to bear’s hands and either me or zurg pulling bear’s feet and dragging them all over the gym floor.

we call it the soul train. minus any hint of african americans.

judging by what was left on their clothes, the gym has not been swept for a while.

any suggestions?

this frazzled-short-on-ideas-head mama is open for any!

the hubby is 40

today is my hunk of a man’s birthday.

i met him when he was a strapping boy of 21 fresh from proselytizing to the world.

curly red locks cropped short for the two-year project.

forgot about him for about 7.5 years,

met him again with longer curly red locks.

i have spent the past 8 years turning those luscious locks into gray.

gray works for him.

you know what he wanted to do today for his birthday?

take the kids swimming!!my heart has loved many people,

and will love many more i am sure,

but it is my soul that loves this man.

and that love seems to grow with every fantastic picture he takes.

i am jumping on the grateful bandwagon

i am grateful for pop-up thermometers in turkeys

i am grateful for marie calendar pies on sale at smith’s grocery store for $3.99i am grateful for Lays ruffle plain chips that deliver salty goodness to my tongue every time

i am ungrateful for the cottage cheese i found in my fridge this morning when going to make dip for above mentioned chips when i thought this whole time it was sour cream……darn wal mart packaging, all looks the same.

i am ungrateful for the nutrition label on the above mentioned bag of delicious chips.i am grateful for the naked bear standing next to me laughing and saying ‘don’t pee your pants’ after taking a speed bath in which i thought i would have time to type this without him standing next to me naked saying ‘don’t pee your pants.’

i am grateful that yesterday i got to walk with bear on one side holding my hand and queen on the other side with my arm around her.  i cannont tell you the last time i was able to walk with both of them.

i am grateful for a son who has no concept of time and still wants me to sit and visit with him every night

i am grateful for queen who buys a bag of animal crackers and then just carries them around unopened.

i am grateful for a daughter who eats her boogers and chews her nails and has the biggest heart in the family.

i am grateful for a bird who played a 13-year-old in air hockey and only lost by one point. it was intense and fast. i am grateful she loves her queen almost as much as her mom and dad do.

now bear is standing next to me saying ‘baby cried and pooped and cried and pooped’ while laughing.

i am grateful for a hubby who clips coupons, goes out and uses the coupons, then gets on the savvy shopper website to see them cheaper somewhere else and gets mad.

i am grateful for a husband, who even though he says he has already spent our food budget for the pay period, still goes out and buys things because he just can’t help it on sale, and i find the bags hidden in the storage closet.

my life is blessed.

i love my life.

i know how truly fortunate i am to have a loud, bustling, happy home and try to not ever take it for granted.

i do try to give away sometimes.

until tomorrow……….