a strong rebuttal

so, i am bringing back a starring role in my blog

yep, the very same.

he likes to, has for 10 years now,

leave me little treats when he takes the kids for extended times.

usually makes sure i get them at the last minute on a friday before the weekend,

so i can stew a little,

before being able to contact anyone.

last friday,

i get an e-mail from the mediator

stating that the jackass has requested,


next year.

giving me mid-week visits

and one day to visit bear for his birthday.

you know what i have to say about that?……

now, let me be fair here.

there are fathers out there who really would do well with that.

my ex is not one of them

reasons why to follow:

1. NEVER, and i do mean never, have the kids been away from me for that long since birth.

2. NEVER, and i do mean never, has the ex ever raised kids for that amount of extended time.

3. since the ex has made himself his own attorney, in court, while asking me to pay his attorney fees (the judge reminded him that since he is not actually an attorney he cannot ask for attorney fees)


3 continued. …….i will spout some utah law code that he likes to spout on a regular basis

AHEM….(clearing my throat)

code 30-3-34: a judge can rule not to divide the summer schedule evenly if the following is involved (i’ll paraphrase) endanger or impair the child’s emotional developement” or “if he is an …….

ok, i made the last part up but you know what i mean.

it should be a utah law code.

i decree it so

what is he thinking?

it has been 10 years since we have been not in the same house, separated, or un-married (well ALOT  longer if you count the last conjecual visit)

when, just once, will he think about the kids and not how much he hates me and wants to get at me?

keats, well he is old enough to decide, there is nothing i can do about that, but i have a very good idea what he will decide.

and the other two?

i hope, hope,  hope, the mediator talks to all involved in the kids’ lives to listen and realize what a bad idea that is.

you cannot , after 13, and 12 years respectively by next july, think you can just take two special needs children from what they have known for their whole lives, and yank it all from them, only to allow me mid-week visit and one visit for bear’s birthday.

does he seriously think the kids are going to let me just drop them back off after the visit to his house?


now to bring it down a notch

chicka wants her hair cut short like mine.

she says her hair is just to heavy and sweaty.

“and besides,” she says as she runs away, “my hair is the most famous part of my head.”

yeah rapunzel, just keep thinking that.

i’m voting for the mouth.


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